Workshop Presenters

Mick Keogh
Australian Farm Institute
New South Wales

After obtaining a Bachelors degree in Wool and Pastoral Science at the University of New South Wales in 1908, Mr Keogh managed a beef cattle research station on the New South Wales North coast for several years. He was subsequently employed as a researcher at the University of New South Wales, where he completed his Masters Degree in 1984.

In late 2003 Mr Keogh was appointed Executive Director of the Australian Farm Institute. Since that time Mick has been involved in a wide range of research projects focused on strategic issues impacting on Australian agriculture such as climate change policy evaluation and carbon management in Agriculture. He has written  a large number  of research report and publications with the objective to enhance the economic and social wellbeing of farmers and all the agricultural audiences.

Mr Keogh is chair of the National Rural Advisory Council; member, of the CSIRO Sustainable Agriculture Flagship Advisory Council; and member of the University of Western Sydney Environment Institute Advisory Council.

Mr Keogh is a respected speaker with rural audiences.

Bill Malcolm
Melbourne University and Victorian Department of Primary Industries 

Associate Professor Bill Malcolm lectures within the University of Melbourne’s School of land and Environment. Bill teaches agriculture and resource economics at agricultural economics and policy.

His current area of research involves whole farm systems analysis of greenhouse gas abatement options for the southern Australian Grazing industries, a program delivered under the Australian Government’s Carbon Farming Futures – Filing the Research Gap.

Bill also has a part-time appointment with the Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries as Principal Scientist Farm Systems Economics, in their Agricultural Research  Division.

In the course of his career, Bill has conducted farm management economics training courses for farmers, the DEPI and industry professionals, has had considerable involvement in practical farming and farm management advisory roles. He gives 15-20 presentations each year to farmers and industry.

Bill McGhie
Carbon Training International
New South Wales

Bill McGhie has been leading a team responsible for delivery of an Australian Government contract to prepare and deliver training and assessment materials that will support the expansion of the Carbon Farming Initiative amongst extension officers, farm consultants and professionals advising the agricultural sector on carbon farming.

Mr McGhie developed sensitivity analysis scenarios around a number of CFI methodologies in the educational materials that can train and assess individuals against CFI Skill Sets and Units of Competency, attainment of which, will lead to the award of partial qualifications under the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Bill McGhie delivers the training for the Certificate III in Carbon Management and Certificate IV in Carbon Management, which includes units on carbon accounting. He has also developed a two-day master class on sourcing and evaluating carbon offsets for Carbon Training International.

Bill McGhie worked for the NSW Department of Primary Industry on a project examining the impact of various farming systems on soil. This involved economic analysis and modelling to examine the impact of gross margins for various farming systems. A key component of this was presenting the findings to farmers at workshops, evening meetings and field days such as the Henty Machinery Field Days.

Russell Pattinson
Miracle Dog

Russell Pattinson has more than 30 years’ experience in agribusiness. His long career began in the wool and sheep industry, culminating in executive management roles with responsibility for group on-farm RD&E, marketing and operations.

Russell Pattinson has delivered hundreds of presentations throughout his career with many targeting at farmers and is an experienced group facilitator (his most recent facilitation being a workshop in Queensland examining the potential of the Carbon Farming Initiative for northern cattle producers.

Mr Pattinson’s most recent extension activities have included the Young Carbon Farmers workshops at 2014 Primex. He has a working knowledge of FarmGAS and the Farm Greenhouse Accounting Frameworks (GAF) tools for Australian diary, sheep, beef cattle and grain.

Adam Tomlinson
Australian Farm Institute
New South Wales

Adam Tomlinson is a senior researcher covering farm policy issues in Australia and internationally with the Australian farm Institute and had developed decision support tools that support participation in Australian carbon policy initiatives designed for extension officers and professional farm advisors.

Since joining the Australian Farm Institute, Mr Tomlinson has been involved in a wide range of projects, conducting research into policy solutions that maximise the economic and social well being of farmers.

Mr Tomlinson is experienced in facilitating and presenting at agriculture industry event targeted for rural audiences and his more recent experience included project management of two programs under the Carbon Farming Futures Extensions and Outreach Program, funded by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture.